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Our mission:

 Promote  personal and family    development through a beautiful, safe and fun interaction in the    water with the horse as a means    of learning based    on principles and values.    

Our vision:

Contribute to a better world through a    movement of people seeking    happiness by sharing their    progress with humanity in peace.    

This unique undertake in the world is evidence that it is still possible for a family with a profound transformative vision to promote the rehumanization of society to contribute to the happy progress of the world. This vision of progress combines not only material improvement, but also more importantly a spiritual growth, becoming the purpose of the Rancho Reposo foundation. Rancho Reposo joins the efforts of all those who aim that the family will return to the lost spaces of their human condition, appealing to healthy enjoyment and personal growth as a new way of relating to themselves and to horses.

Social Responsability

Rancho Reposo promotes    the contribution to    sustainable human    development,through the    commitment and trust of    the company towards its    employees and their    families, towards society    in general and towards    the local community.    
A relevant goal is to    influence positively the    protection of the    environment, the working    conditions of its staff and    the support to the    growth of the human being.    

Our team

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Magnificent Friesians


World-class professionals in natural and free tame


International experts who guarantee special nutrition, vigorous health and biological safety.


World-class management and operating systems.


Expert team in research and development

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