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Take a day to know and explore  our theme    park and discover countless options to have    fun, learn and share in a family atmosphere in contact with nature Our  wonderful Friesian horses are part of  your team of hosts    at Rancho  Reposo.

The aquadventure method 

The AquadVenture method is an innovation of Rancho Reposo. We promote personal and family development throught a beautiful, fun and safe interaction in the water with the horse as a means of learning based on principles and values, while raising the quality of the human relationship, not only with himself and the horse, but also with other members of your family and the rest of humanity.

Meet Rancho Reposo a relaxing and out of the ordinary tour!

Witness our shows    and experiences with the Friesians: events like you have never seen    before!    

Play in a watercar    with a Friesian: an    experience of    learning, feelings    and unexpected    excitement

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Growth at Rancho Reposo

Sign up for The RR academy. an opportunity to exercise with horses with diploma type educational programs!

The educational products are the main focus of the RR academy and are designed to take full advantage of the AquadVenture  method as an element of innovation.

Equine Therapy

Learn about our Equine Therapy. The therapeutic programs at Rancho Reposo have been specially designed by knowledgeable professionals in physical and mental health therapy, to promote the rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults at the neuromuscular, psychological, cognitive and social levels, using the horse as a therapeutic tool, and the method of playing on them inside special pools as an adjuvant.

Inspiration session

Treat yourself to an equestrian inspiration session for your personal growth!  At Rancho Reposo we offer various options of activities and events for personal and professionals development, including immersion workshops, inspiration sessions and master classes, among others.



Be  a  part  of  our  Mentoring  Pogram!    The  Mentoring  Program  at  Rancho    Reposo  aims  to  raise  the  level  of    participants  through  learning  and    experience with our  mentors  and    horses  as a  means of    understanding    the most  important  keys to  human    growth

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